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Executive Modcar Trendz Mumbai


Our products are well accepted and advertised in almost all well known magazines catering to Auto Industry. We have actively participated in several Auto exhibitions. Our show rooms in Mumbai,are situated at Dadar and at our factory premises, opposite SEEPZ main gate No.1 at Andheri (East), Mumbai. Many concepts are developed by EMT team covering the field of creating conceptualized rich, lavish, comfortable, interiors on several vehicles. Successful trendy modification on very many cars has been performed. We have produced many varieties of accessories, attractive body kits and prokit. We Executive Modcar Trendz, an Executive Group Company that was launched to satisfy our passion to introduce in India unique innovations for lovers of novel feature on automobiles. The background of being a successful business family, from last several generations, gave us confidence to fix high ambitious targets which we have been surpassing time and again. The group which is managed by Nensey family that has wide spread business activities in service industry and trading fields. Even before their entry in innovative auto field Executive Group had factories in Mumbai and Bangalore which have high capacity facilities for dyeing, processing and washing of various kinds of garments. Its Executive Trading House imports and supplies to industries Pumice Stones, Enzymes, textile processing Chemicals etc. It also supplies fire wood and breakets, made from farm waste, to several units in Maharashtra, Karnataka and some other parts of India. For over two decades the Executive Group has successfully cattered to their customers spreading their field of operation wider and deeper.

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Innova Modification Showroom Mumbai, Maharastra Executive Modcar Trendz is introducing in India, perhaps for the first time, a Motor House on Pick-Ups. Few parties including Emt have already built Motor Homes and Motor Home-cum-Office on busses but the concepts of Motor Home on Pick-Ups is perhaps a new concept for India. It had been a very challenging task for Emt team of designers and executers. Installing in a pick up a bed room cum office cum sitting room with the facility of bath room and kitchen was a very tough assignment which our team managed to achieve. But adding an additional facility of childrens beds made it very difficult to visualize and construct. After several trials and errors, designing and redesigning, ultimately a solution emerged. The team has succeeded in building a unique Motor Home on a pick up that will have a bed room that can be converted into a sitting room or even an office. An additional facility for two kids to sleep. A bath room with shower. A kitchen for cooking, TV, Fridge, an isolated unholstered drivers cabin will be the basic set-up. There are several options available for designing and building interiors on bus. Largely it is customer need based. Emt is well equipped to builts entire interior of a bus providing all kinds of desired facilities.
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Plot F-20, Marol M.I.D.C. Area Central Road, Opp. SEEPZ Complex, Andheri East, 400 093 Maharashtra
+91 9838496117  or  +91 22 42226800  or    (Trouble calling us?)
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0 0 Executive Modcar Trendz Mumbai Plot F-20, Marol M.I.D.C. Area Central Road, Opp. SEEPZ Complex, Andheri East, 400 093 Maharashtra